Wednesday, June 27, 2007


The NEW STAMPIN' UP Idea Book & Catalogue came today! OMGosh! Kurt could hear the $$$ racking up! Scrappers rejoice! And to think, this is only Fall/Winter Catty! Life is simply - GOOD!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Real Men wear PINK!

One day Jer & I went shopping. (VV Boutique) He buys this Pink T and girly wallet. This is the journaling:

(Mom)"You've got to be joking? It's PINK!"
(Jeremy)"Yah, I like it! It's cool!"
(M)"But it's PINK?"
(J)"Yah, I know. I like it!"
(M)"What happened to my 'Boarder Dude' Son?"
(J)"Nothing, I just don't dress like that anymore. It's not my 'style' now. I like those 'skinny' type jeans too! And the 'girls' really like 'em too!"
(M)"Oh, Yay!"

A little while later...

(M)"Jer, it's a 'girly' wallet!"
(J)"Yah, so?"
(M)"So? It has a 'rainbow' on it!"
(J)"Whatever! It's so perfect! It's better than any other wallet I've seen."
(M)"Okay! But, I'm taking pictures to scrapbook with!"
(J)"Yah, whatever!"